Faithful "Corky"
In Memorium
Our "Memorable Missy"
Our "Big Bear"
Our "Regal Tycoon"
Our "Wonderful
Our " Katie, Judy's
Our" Bud Smokey"
Our Casey
Our Regal Miss Bess
Our "Lou Lou
Our " Sushi
Our "Bach"
Gentle Tasha

Our "Dear Zephra"

Our CIN left us too
soon, but with Cin-fully
fun memories of our
Your Daddies Miss You SO!
"Our Tender Shadow"
Our "Handsome, Bashful
Corky "
Charming "Izzy"
Our Cheerished

Our Elegant " Lady"

Our Sweet Soul
Our Beloved "Mickey"
Our Regal "Rusty"
My Best Friend "Precious"
Kind Hearted "Kappi"
Our Devoted Friend, Paddie
Our little sweetheart
Our Sweet "Tic Tock"
Our tender "Honey"
Our Come Back Little
Our Friend " Shilo"
Our little sweet "Angle"
Amanda's & Our "Jasper"
Our Friend "Mr Duke"
Our Happy "Winston"
Our Soulful  "Sandy"
Our  tender"D. O. G."
Our Dear Katie
Our little friend " Jasmine"
Our Friend April
Our Sweet "Flower"

Our Sweet "Cheri"
Our Dear Friend "Duke"
Our Dearest Sweet "Phoebe"
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